Sailing Reference

Sailing Reference for smart phones and tablets is the comprehensive reference guide for all of your nautical navigation needs. Ideal for beginner and seasoned sailors, the app contains information crucial to passing the various RYA Yachtmaster shorebased navigation and practical courses. All content is fully available offline so is not reliant upon a data connection at all. There are handy calculators for quickly estimating a course to steer, interpolating tidal stream data, calculating times and heights of tide at secondary ports, and estimating VHF radio transmission ranges. The in-depth reference section includes dozens of illustrated and detailed how-to guides covering:

  • Plotting a Course to Steer
  • Calculating Leeway
  • Calculating Set and Drift
  • Compass Deviation and Magnetic Variation
  • Estimated Positions
  • Interpolating Tidal Streams
  • Calculating Depth to Anchor
  • Bridge Clearances
  • Secondary Port Calculations
  • Buoyage and Beacons
  • Safety and Distress
  • VHF Radio
  • Weather and Shipping Forecasts
  • and Many More!

For those who need to brush up on their knowledge of the COLREGs / IRPCS, load up the flashcards for a quick quiz. Included with the app are a set of “Rules of the Road” flashcards covering numerous collision scenarios. Additional flashcards covering vessel lights, day shapes, flags and sound signals are available to purchase in-app as a single add-on pack.

New! Now contains instructional animations illustrating how to tie a number of the most common nautical knots. Each knot is accompanied by a brief description outlining suitable applications. The Bowline Knot is included with the main application, with other knots available to purchase in-app as a bundled add-on.


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