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Speak to the Geek (The Company) does not collect or permanently retain customer data in any form for any purpose. The store operators (Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft) do retain customer information for the purpose of tracking sales – customers requiring further details on the information held by these businesses should contact them directly.

Any messages sent to The Company via email or the contact form on this web site are stored temporarily for as long as is necessary to complete the conversation, after which the messages are immediately and irrecoverably deleted.

The applications produced by The Company do not obtain or transmit any data other than as mandated by the functionality within the application. For example, when saving content or status data within an app, data may be written to a location on the device which is replicated by the platform’s cloud services; or during the in-app purchase process data is transmitted to and from the platform’s in-app purchase API. Customers and users who wish to understand what is stored, retained and transmitted during these events should contact the platform vendor directly as it is outside of The Company’s control.

Any request from an individual for details on their data held by The Company, or a request for that data to be permanently deleted, will of course be upheld. However, as no data is held by The Company it is easy to comply.

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