Ken’s Pub Quiz

Ken’s Pub Quiz will test your knowledge of everything until your head hurts!
As featured in “Apps Magazine” (issue 32), take part in a Pub Crawl cruising from bar to bar answering multiple choice questions with increasing difficulty. Can you make it to the last bar?

There are over 3000 questions included with the basic game pack alone, but additional and more specialised question packs featuring completely new games and rounds can be purchased through the in-app Quiz Shop taking that total up to almost 7000 questions. These add-on packs currently include:
– Christmas Quiz
– Sports Quiz

Stuck answering a question? Use your Remove Answer tokens to remove an incorrect answer and increase your chances of success. Remove Answer tokens are awarded for completing games, or can be purchased from the in-app Quiz Shop.

Available for Xbox One, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, Windows 10, and Amazon Alexa.

Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

The legacy versions of Ken’s Ultimate Pub Quiz Challenge (the app) for Windows Phone 7/8.1 provide online functionality in the form of a score sharing system and Facebook sharing integration. This gives rise for the need to provide this privacy policy. The app collects a unique identifier for your device and turns this into a one-way hash before uploading it, along with your high scores and your display name and device type, to a server on the Internet. No personally identifiable information is transmitted, unless you yourself change your display name from the default ‘Anonymous’. Data is not shared with any 3rd parties or used for any purposes other than the comparison of your scores with other players of the game.